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Hello Dancers and Dance Families,


The 2018 Ontario Closed Championships is quickly approaching, and we thought that we could help with your preparations by providing some details regarding this year’s event.


Venue Location


The Fleck Dance Theatre is located at 207 Queens Quay West, 3rd Floor, Queen’s Quay Terminal. When you enter the building (from the north, south, east or west entrances), make your way to the bank of glass elevators that is located on the main floor, toward the south end. If you take this elevator to the 3rd floor, the doors will open up directly in front of the HDAO registration table. Alternatively, you can take the nearby escalator up one floor, and then follow the wide staircase up to the 3rd floor.




There is an underground parking lot at Harbourfront Centre, with the entrance off Queens Quay West, at the foot of Lower Simcoe Street. There is another parking lot further west, on Rees St at Queens Quay West.


Venue Details


Please note that the Fleck Dance Theatre is a traditional proscenium theatre with fixed seating on two levels (main and balcony). We have arranged for the removal of some back row seating, in order to allow for some “standing-room only” space, but the majority of our spectators will be required to use the fixed seating when watching the dancing. We have informed the Theatre Manager that our Highland community is a very respectful one, and consequently, our audience members will be given the freedom to come and go from the theatre as they please. The Theatre’s traditional protocol requires the ushers to restrict movement in and out of the theatre during dances, but for the Ontario Closed, they have agreed to suspend this rule. We are thankful to them for being flexible with our unique event!


Please note that only competitors will be allowed through the backstage doors. There will be many volunteers backstage, ensuring that the dancers find their way to the line-up area.


There is a beautiful warm-up area for the dancers, equipped with a hardwood dance floor, mirrors and a barre. We ask that this be used for warm-up only, with no dance mats, bags or chairs being taken into this area.


207 Queens Quay West


Queens Quay Terminal has a variety of dining options, including The Goodman Pub and Kitchen, Pie Bar, Joe Bird, and Pearl (dim sum). There is also a Sobeys/Urban Fresh grocery store on-site. Most importantly, there is a Starbucks right across the street!

Doors Open

Registration for 7 and Under 10, and 10 and Under 12 starts at 7:30, and we will open the doors to the Theatre at 7:00am.

Map and More

At the website, look for the Fleck Dance Theatre under the Venues tab. There you will find useful maps and additional information, including a virtual tour of the Theatre.

The HDAO Executive is excited to present the Ontario Closed Championships at this new venue, and we certainly look forward to seeing you there!