Since 1949

Highland Dancers'

Association of Ontario

Supporting Ontario's Highland Dancers for Over 65 Years


The H.D.A.O. offers several types of Memberships - Honourary, Family / Senior, Associate and Non-Competitor, all except the Honourary Membership carries annual dues.


An Honourary member is appointed by the members in recognition of services to the Association and Highland Dance.


Family Members consist of parent(s), legal guardians(s) and dancers(s) in one family who reside at the same address. Senior Members are members 17 years of age and older who are still active dancers.


Associate Members are non-residents of Ontario.


Non-Competitive members are similar to Senior Members but they no longer compete as Highland Dancers.


Except for the Associate Membership, H.D.A.O. Membership carries voting privileges on all matters pertaining to the Association.


A Family membership entitles the member to one vote per family by the parent or legal guardian on all matters pertaining to the Association. A Senior Membership is also entitled to one vote as is the Non-Competitive Member.


The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held on the second Sunday of September to elect a new Executive. Membership in the Association runs from October 1st to September 30th. The fiscal year is September 1st to August 31st. All members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting or any of the Executive Meeting held during the year. We invited comment and suggestions from members with a view to improving our Dance Competitions and Highland Games.


Each year we strive to create positive and exciting ways to encourage and promote our highland dance competitions. We offer monetary Bursaries to the Beginner, Novice & Intermediate classes (draw) and we have Most Promising Beginner, Novice and Intermediate awards. Prize money is awarded to all Premier Classes.


Our Ontario Closed Championship is the selection meet for the Canadian Championships. To support the Ontario Champions and Runners-Up who will represent Ontario we have a Bursary Program. To be eligible for a bursary, you must be a member in good standing of the H.D.A.O. and have entered in two of our three indoor competitions.


This website is our latest project where we will be offering on-line membership, online entry application to our competitions and hopefully to our Games. We expect we will have our Results pages updated in a timely fashion and we will reload our 16 years of history.

Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  What is the difference between HDAO membership and Scotdance annual fee?

A:  The HDAO Membership gives you membership in the HDAO and allows you  to compete in the three HDAO indoor competitions. The SDO, the Professional association, registers dancers on an annual basis with a registration fee.  Dancers who wish to take part in SOBHD competitions (all competitions in Canada and USA) must be registered with SDO.   You must also be a member of the various organisations to compete in their competitions.


Q:  Do I require an HDAO membership to dance at summer games?

A:  H.D.A.O. organises the dance competitions at Georgetown, Cobourg, Kincardine, Cobourg, Cambridge and Fergus.  You are not required to be a member of the H.D.A.O. to participate in the Summer Games.


Q: I need an updated ScotDance Registration Card. Can you help?

A: Please see your dance teacher for instructions on this.


Q: What do I need to bring to a competition?

A: While this list is not comprehensive, you should remember dancing shoes, dancing outfit (Highland: kilt, blouse, vest/jacket, socks, garters, dark underwear; Nationals: skirt, blouse, vest, plaid, brooch, underskirt, white underwear, socks/nylons; Hornpipe: pants, top, hat, socks (navy or white); Jig: jig shoes, dress including apron, underskirt, white underwear), hair accessories, ScotDance card, safety pins (for your number), sewing kit. You should check with your teacher prior to the competition for a more detailed list.


Q: What does the deadline date for entries mean?

A: This is the last date that entries can be received to be accepted for a competition. If the closing date on an entry says "October 27/05" that entry must be in the registrars mailbox as of that day. As soon as you know you will be going to a competition you should submit your entry; you do not have to wait until the deadline date. Early submission helps us organize the competition with respect to splits, judges, pipers, etc. Especially with the Games, where passes and advanced tickets are mailed out, an early entry ensures receipt of the passes/tickets prior to the competition.


Q: What's the best way to send in an entry?

A: Please use regular mail or a means wereby NO signature is required or online entry. Entries that necessitate being picked up at the post office or couriers will NOT be accepted.